Webinar – EtherCAT as a Master Machine Control Tool

Join us for a Live Webinar Presented by Galil Motion Control

March 3, 2015 11:00am EST

Motion Control MCA-Webinar-3-3-2015

Electromate is proud to be a sponsor of this interesting and important Webinar.


There is an increasing demand in the automation and motion control industries for a localized motion control solution that can coordinate motion between multiple remote components.  Previously, field bus protocols such as Modbus or Ethernet/IP have been implemented to address remote I/O connectivity.  Although successful in moving data across automation networks, these protocols lacked the real time performance necessary for a distributed motion control system.
The EtherCAT communication protocol provides a high speed, low overhead communication scheme that allows efficient, deterministic communication between motion controller and remote components.  Based on CANOpen and streamlined specifically for point to point transmission of real time data, the EtherCAT standard is quickly becoming the preferred choice for centralized control of tightly coupled motion between remote components.  This presentation is aimed at designers of automation and motion control systems with a basic understanding of Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT communications.  Topics will include an overview of the communication scheme, physical layout and applications where EtherCAT is the right solution.
Webinar Presenter: Matt Klint, Galil Motion Control

Live Webinar- EtherCAT as a Master Machine Control Tool | Electromate’s Blog

Webinar Presenter: Matt Klint, Galil Motion Control

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