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Motion Control – Low Profile XY Brushless Linear Motor Positioning Stage from H2W Technologies

Motion Control – Low Profile XY Linear Motor Positioning Stage Santa Clarita, CA —– Motion Control – The SRS-004-006/004-003-01-XY is a low profile XY single rail positioning stage that uses brushless linear motors to generate a continuous/peak force of 6.2 lbs [27.8 N]/18.7 lbs [83.3 N] (bottom axis), 3.1 lbs [13.8 N]/9.4 lbs [41.8 N] (top […]

Linear Motion Control – Slip Stream Linear Belt Actuators from LM76

“Built Simple, Built Tough” Slipstream Video PDF Data Sheet X,Y Robot Video • Stock lengths up to 3 meters •   Custom lengths up to 6 meters •     All steel profile rail for high load capacity •     50 mm wide steel reinforced belt for heavy loads• Several motor options available• Stainless steel available    […]

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